Power Rankings: Reasons to watch Edition

Welcome to the Winsidr’s Power Rankings. Every two weeks, the staff ranks the WNBA teams from 1-12 and I talk about the results. Here are the results from our first rankings of the year.

The WNBA is at a peak in terms of talent and gameplay. Teams have played magnificent basketball across the board this year. The trend will undoubtedly continue as the season goes on and, just maybe, the W will turn the corner as a sports league faster than anyone has predicted.

While excitement and media coverage of the WNBA is also at a recent peak, something is missing from the league still. As Natalie Weiner of SB Nation put it not long ago, “[t]he WNBA is many things, but unfortunately ‘cool’ is not yet high on that list.”

She’s right but here is the thing: THIS LEAGUE IS SO COOL. It’s cool and exciting and fun and the basketball is simply beautiful.

The point of the power rankings is to see how our writers view teams. But in this Power Rankings space, we are going to have fun and wander in the  landscape of the WNBA. Sometimes, we’ll talk straight up about basketball and other times, we’ll use basketball as a vehicle to talk about something else.

For our first installment, I want to give each of us a reason to watch every team in the league. It could be the play of superstar or season-long storylines or a player’s accessory. But it will be something we can all point to when asked why we love watching this league and each team in it.

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