WNBA Semifinals Game 3 Reaction: The Sun will be shining in the Finals

Games 1 and 2 of the WNBA semifinals went largely according to plan. Washington and Connecticut won their home games against the lower-seeded teams. Washington dazzled with its offense while Connecticut’s toughness was on full display. Game 3 did not according to any plan known to the WNBA community. The Aces trounced the Mystics, who shockingly looked completely inept on offense in Las Vegas. The Sparks, who had won 14 straight home games, got pile-driven by the Sun (while playing in Long Beach rather than LA).

When Role Players become Superstars

THE CONNECTICUT SUN WERE TIRED OF IT. They were tired of playing single-elimination games. They were tired of players wanting to leave Connecticut. Most importantly, they were tired of the disrespect (or disrespeCT, as the Sun say) tossed at their roster. The Sun came into the playoffs with a freaking boulder on their shoulder and ripped through the LA Sparks in 3 games to make it to the WNBA Finals. Jasmine Thomas led the team offensively with 29 (!!!) points and defensively by locking down Chelsea Gray in all three games.

We’ll focus on their finals match-up once it’s set. But let’s take a minute to appreciate what this group just did. The LA Sparks came into this series with two MVPs, a former DPOY, a bunch of all-stars, a head coach with NBA championships, a legendary GM, and two recent WNBA titles. The Sun came in with a bunch of role players, if you believe ESPN. But they played tough, gritty basketball and they did it together.

“They have that chip on their shoulder. This group has really taken that chip of being called a team without superstars,” said Sun Head Coach Curt Miller. “We are team that fits together. We can win in different ways.”

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