Here’s some of my work that I’m most proud of



The @miamihurricanes’ Grand Illusion is one of the greatest trick plays ever #baseball #sports #tricky

♬ original sound – Ball and Order

The Process is dead, long live the Process. #nba #sixers #joelembiid

♬ R.I.C.O. (feat. Drake) – Meek Mill


2021 WNBA Free Agency As Defined By Taylor Swift

Basketball and Taylor Swift’s music are two pillars of my life. I always come back to the game I love and the songs I love when I need some comfort. Over the past month, I’ve been writing a lot about WNBA free agency while jamming out to Swift’s discography and made some connections between them.

Basketball Hall Of Famer Alex English Is Standing Up For The WNBA

“You’re in Trump country, huh?” asked Basketball Hall of Famer Alex English . . . I had just told English over the phone that I was in rural North Carolina, which is indeed Trump country. He relaxed when I explained that I was visiting my future in-laws and that my future in-laws did not fall into the region’s stereotype in that regard. English is certainly not one to tip-toe around tough topics.

Why We Love FCS: Citadel-Furman was ugly and perfect, BLOOD WEEK, and Herky the Hornet

Furman and the Citadel had played each other 98 times before last Saturday’s matchup of Southern Conference rivals. The rivalry exemplifies so much of what we hold dear in College Football, but the vast majority of those matchups lacked one crucial component: BEER.

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